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Design Your Own Furniture For Any Space

Design Your Own Furniture For Any Space

We manufacture custom sizes to order and sell direct to you, the consumer. We avoid all the middlemen that add non-value adding supply chain costs. By streamlining the business model, we’re able to use higher quality materials and construction methods than the competition for your furniture.

In the traditional model of buying furniture, shoppers have to choose among what manufacturers have produced each season, in sizes and styles to please the masses. These pieces are often made overseas, and sit in warehouses waiting to be purchased. The process is long and expensive, and the cost gets passed on to you, the consumer.

Dimensionally Yours’ scalable designs and flexible manufacturing process lets us make your furniture to order, for you. When you place an order, we begin making your piece in the exact size and style you chose, and send it to your doorstep. No warehouses or middlemen, just beautiful high-quality furniture that fits your space and sense of style perfectly.

Dimensionally Yours, LLC, 345 E Bridge St, Suite 1443, Elyria, Ohio (888) 772-5333 Info@DimensionallyYours.com

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